Seascape Art Photography

Seascape art photography is something I really enjoy at the chance of visiting the ocean.  I hope that my beach photographs are a little different to what you are used to seeing.

I lived in Cape Town for 10 years and possibly my favorite thing to do was spending time at some of the wonderful Cape Town beaches (Some of them a bit more secret than others…).  My favorite beach was and still is Glen Beach where I have made an abundance of happy memories over the years.  One particular Saturday last year, which was the first beautiful warm day of the new season in Cape Town, I was super fortunate to spend at this favorite beach of mine.

The water is like ice bricks and can break the courage of many a newcomer to enjoy its pleasures (You’ll see most people diving in and coming straight back out.  In a hurry.).

There is a special method though, (that requires patience and faith) for adjusting your body to this temperature so that it becomes an absolute refreshing pleasure to enjoy and not a daring torture to immerse yourself into.    I’m not going into more detail about that right now, you’ll have to accompany me to the beach someday to learn more about this piece of wisdom.

Please also enjoy some of my human landscapes or beach-scapes / seascapes (not all of them will fall in exactly that category, but you should get the idea) from Glen Beach to Beta Beach to Cool Bay.

If you would like to order a large-scale Seascape art print from me, please send me a mail to for options.



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