Natural Family Photos

I love taking Family photos, especially when people are having fun!

We usually start out with some ‘formal’ family portraits.  Which then hopefully progresses into something more natural.  When you are posing for a photo, you are usually not really being very natural. Maybe you feel self-conscious. But when you forget about that you’re being photographed and actually just enjoy the time with your family and have fun, that’s when you are at your most beautiful, when you are happy. If the kids are being silly and just want to play, let them!  :)

No need to pose. Inner beauty is true beauty. And in the right light… I can capture that.

I love shooting in soft natural light, so either in the morning or late afternoon and preferably where there are some trees to provide a bit of shade if needed. (Especially on these hot summer days when sunset is only quite late).  Some days we are just purely very lucky and blessed with beautiful clouds that can create a unique effect.  Weather can be a bit unpredictable, but in the end, often that is exactly part of the magic!

Some families like to do something totally different and I am stoked when that happens, it is such raw energy when people really express themselves in their unique ways and in their own comfortable surroundings and just play a little, or even when someone’s having a bad day, that’s also okay.

For featured family shoots, check Kobus and Roxane and Jessica and Jaime

I am available to do your Family Photos and other family events.  If you would like to book me please mail me at to request my family photo packages and let’s chat about ideas.  Looking forward to meeting you and your family!


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